Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The oil that comes from the pressing of this olive is very intense and fruity, with notes of grass or leaves with low levels of peroxides and acidity (<0.2%); it presents a yellow-green colour, with a lightly bitter flavour due to the high concentration of oleuropein and typically spicy due to the high levels of polyphenols. The coratina olive is slow to ripen and is largely processed when it is still green; in this way, it retains and always offers a fresh and fruity bouquet, similar to green apple, thereby satisfying even the most expert and refined palates.

For its fruity taste this oil is perfect to be used raw to enhance the flavor of dishes like legumes, salads and fish. Excellent when mixed with lemon to create fragrant and fresh seasonings.

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Discover the several characteristics of this exceptional olive cultivar from which you get an oil with high beneficial properties and a unique and intense flavor, awarded in 2019 with the silver medal at the international competition BIOL.

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