ExtraBIO Antonacci is an organic extra virgin olive oil with a lightly fruity flavour and golden-yellow colour with definite notes of bitterness and spice which, however, take a back seat to the delicacy lent by the careful selection of olives exclusively from Gargano.

It leaves hints of freshly-mown grass and ripe tomato on the palate. Its fruitiness and almond notes make it perfect for those who love an oil with a strong character, yet not excessively so. Its well-balanced flavour is perfect for all uses, both raw and cooked, to bring out the flavours of soups and other dishes.

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  • 5 liter canister – Organic Extra Virgin Oil “ExtraBio”

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  • 3 liter canister – Organic Extra Virgin Oil “Extrabio”

  • 750ml Bottle – Organic Extra Virgin Oil “ExtraBio”

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