Bag in Box packaging is an innovative solution for liquid preservation that offers numerous advantages over traditional glass bottles. In particular, with regards to extra-virgin olive oil, Bag in Box has become a valuable ally in preserving the freshness and quality of the oil, while also guaranteeing convenience and environmental friendliness. Let’s discover together the advantages of this technology.

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva in bag in box
Extra-virgin olive oil in Bag in Box

Bag in Box packaging: an innovative solution for preserving extra-virgin olive oil

Bag in Box is a flexible container made of plastic or cardboard, consisting of an inner plastic bag that contains the liquid and an outer cardboard box that protects it. This preservation system offers numerous advantages over traditional glass bottles. In particular, the inner bag prevents the entry of air and light, thereby protecting the contents from oxidation and loss of aroma and flavor. Additionally, Bag in Box is more resistant and easier to transport than glass bottles, as it is less fragile and lighter.

Advantages of Bag in Box: freshness, convenience, and environmental friendliness

Bag in Box packaging offers numerous advantages for preserving extra-virgin olive oil. Firstly, it guarantees the freshness of the oil, protecting it from oxidation and light that can alter its flavor and aroma. Additionally, Bag in Box is very practical to use, as it is equipped with a tap that allows for precise dosage of the oil without waste.

Finally, Bag in Box is an environmentally friendly container, as it reduces the environmental impact compared to glass bottles, both in production and disposal phases.

Our company, Frantoio Oleario Antonacci, is committed to adopting this oil preservation system, offering a product whose quality can remain unchanged over time and minimizing the risk of damage during transportation via courier. At present, it is possible to choose Bag in Box for your orders by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the product page.

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